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They’re an insular, insecure sub-species that sleep all day and argue with everyone in authority; that’s the common perception, isn’t it? So what could be harder than talking to them? Getting them to talk to you!

At we continuously engage with young people, asking what they think, feel and care about across a variety of topics; everything from money, media and religion to politics and sex. currently has over 20,000 engaged 13-15 year olds who are ready to give their opinions on and attitudes towards products, services and topical issues.

We also have over 22,000 16-19’s - We talk their language and communicate on their terms enabling us to deliver detailed, open and honest insights in answer to your marketing questions.

How are they recruited and incentivised:

Our panellists are recruited and incentivised in accordance with MRS and ESOMAR standards – all our under 16 members are opted-in by a parent or guardian.

Cash incentives are offered to the under 16s for all surveys and paid directly into parent/guardian accounts. Cash incentives are offered to over 16 year olds for all surveys completed and paid directly into their accounts. We offer this type of incentive because we know from our research, that this is what our panellists want.

International Teens Panel:

We’ve established partnerships with international teen’s panels which will tell you all you need to know about your product or service on an international basis. Individual projects are studied on an ad-hoc basis and appropriate samples provided.

Bespoke Panels:

We can design and manage dedicated panels which can be used for daily, weekly or ad hoc surveys.